Rural Municipalities of Alberta conference Workshop

Half a year into the new council term is a great time check-in about how well municipal councillors understand the various hats you wear. Sometimes your role is as one member of a council, sometimes you’re a regional representative, and sometimes maybe you’re part of a commission.

The roles are all a little bit different, and your understanding of those roles is critical to you being effective while staying in the role of governance. Which hat are you wearing today? By the way, you are never the one driving the grader.



2021 AMM Fall Convention - Day 1

Ian will be sharing wisdom from 'How's Driving the Grader' as a speaker at this years' AMM Fall Convention. For details on the convention, click here


Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA)

Ian McCormack is one of three panellists set to discuss 'When Conduct Falls Short – individuals working as a team'. To learn more visit the event page.


Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA)

Ian McCormack is one of three panellists set to discuss 'Electing the Mayor – what leadership requires'. To learn more visit the event page.


Good Governance Public Information SessionCity of Stratford

Ian spent some time with interested citizens talking about the role of local government in our lives.

This four-part interactive series is available to view by visiting the City of Stratford's site.


GovLove Podcast

Ian joined the hosts of GovLove to discuss his recent book 'Who's Driving the Grader, and other governance questions' and he might even share some tips he has for councillors and administration staff at the local government level. 


'Strong Library Boards are Build on Firm Ethics' Session


'Local Aspects of Good Library Governance for Trustees' Session

More details on the Northern Lights Library System Conference coming soon

Conducting Council Orientations 

Council Orientations are not only a legal requirement for most municipalities, they are an opportunity to bring new councils together and lay the foundation to make the most out of their terms.


Our friends in Innisfail hosted a Council Candidate Orientation back in April and our very own Ian was invited to lead the conversation!

Please note it is a longer video and will take a little while to load.


Ian joined host Michael Hubicki  to share some of his 'Ianisms'  including:

  • No strategy survives first contact with reality

  • It's never about what it's about

  • Stop doing stupid stuff

  • You don't know what you don't know

  • Closing on a positive tone

ResourceX Webinar

Major societal problems exist, and solutions seem out of reach. At  ResourceX,  we attempt the difficult and dangerous alongside the change agents within every municipality with whom we partner. There are resources available. We will help you find them.

Stop doing stupid stuff - Part 1Ian McCormack
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Stop doing stupid stuff - Part 2Ian McCormack
00:00 / 24:33

Avoid the patterns and pitfalls that land your organization in hot water.


Ian McCormack – author of Who’s Driving the Grader? – joins Municipal World CEO Susan Gardner to discuss the behaviours that land municipal leaders in the court of public opinion.


How do you prevent this from happening? Tune in to find out!